Thomas-Graham Reading Room dedication

Princeton dedicates Thomas-Graham Reading Room in Firestone Library

October 4, 2019

The Thomas-Graham Reading Room, located in the east end of the first floor of Firestone Library, was formally dedicated on Oct. 3.  Lawrence Graham ’83 and his wife, Pamela Thomas-Graham, provided the gift that refurnished the space, part of the decade-long renovation of the 71-year-old Firestone Library.

The Thomas-Graham Reading Room contains new fiction and popular nonfiction books, as well as a travel books collection. Firestone holds special meaning to Graham and Thomas-Graham, who both have authored multiple books. Lawrence Graham wrote three of his books in Firestone, and Pamela Thomas-Graham penned her mystery novel, Orange Crushed, there as well. As Graham said in 2015, “I feel like an explorer in a library, because everything is there.” 

From left: Sara Judge ’82, deputy vice president for development; Dr. Cecelia Hodges Drewry, former assistant dean of the college; Pamela Thomas-Graham; Gordon Graham; Lindsey Graham; Lawrence Graham ’83; Mirian Hinds; Craig Robinson ’83; and Anne Jarvis, the Robert H. Taylor 1930 University Librarian