Regional Events Support and Extend the Success of She Roars

Feb. 5, 2020

She Roars: Celebrating Women at Princeton welcomed back around 3,000 alumni October 4-6, 2018. The second conference to engage and connect Princeton’s alumnae, She Roars built on the success of the inaugural 2011 conference and celebrated the impact Princeton women have had on the University and on their communities.

What’s next for She Roars? Alumnae have continued the momentum, with Princeton Women’s Networks (PWNs) and regional associations hosting She Roars On events that have reinvigorated women’s networks that had become dormant — and have doubled PWN chapters. Prior to the conference, there were 10 PWNs; now there are 20

Twelve PWN chapters and two regional associations have organized She Roars On events to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the conference and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Princeton’s undergraduate coeducation.

She Roars On events have been as varied as the locations: a tree planting in Atlanta; a brunch and Princeton women’s basketball game in Washington, D.C.; an art gallery reception in San Diego; and a speaker event with Satana Deberry ’91, district attorney in North Carolina’s Durham County, in the Carolina Triangle. The PWN of Taiwan extended its invitation the farthest. Author Helen Zia ’73, based in California, traveled to Taipei City to discuss her book, “Last Boat Out of Shanghai,” and share her reflections on being among the first women to graduate from Princeton.

The largest She Roars On event to date was held in New York City, where alumnae from the PWN of New York, Northern New Jersey and Fairfield County (Connecticut) gathered to participate in a hands-on leadership workshop headed by Sarah Goltz ’96, a San Diego- and New York-based leadership coach, and Katherine Johnson ’97, a Portland-based leadership presence consultant.

Goltz and Johnson met at She Roars 2018 (on the dance floor!) and later teamed to offer fellow alumnae leadership tools as a way to give back to the University. Christine Loomis ’72, a New York-based career coach, also volunteered her expertise to help facilitate roundtable discussions and hands-on activities and exercises. The team plans to take their show on the road, presenting at other Princeton regional events.

Maureen Crough ’83, the organizer of the New York event and a member of the PWN of New York, said that bringing more than 90 alumnae from three PWNs together was rewarding on many levels.  “It was wonderful to see everyone networking and meeting new people,” she said.

“The leadership programming was invaluable and the feedback has been tremendous. We’ve even gained more volunteers. We definitely plan on organizing more events like this one.”

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