Alumni Spotlight

Myles Cohen ’63 backs up his gratitude to Princeton with a scholarship gift

Myles Cohen and his wife, pictured outdoors near a river

From seeds planted at Princeton, Jacklyn Boney Bruce ’99 plans for the future

Jackie Bruce smiling and holding an orange 1746 Society pennant

Portraits of distinguished Princetonians Ruth Simmons and Elaine Fuchs *77 unveiled

Ruth Simmons and Elaine Fuchs posing in front of Simmons' portrait

For Bliss Freytag Smith ’87, Princeton is the gift that keeps on giving

Bliss Freytag Smith '87

Karthick Ramakrishnan *02 reinforces ‘star’ status for graduate alumni

Karthick Ramakrishnan APGA president

For Rishi Jaitly ’04, Orange & Black Day isn’t just once a year

Rishi Jaitly '04

David L. Evans *66 engineered a revolution in college admissions

David Evans *66 outside David Evans *66 Conference Room

The Year of the Tiger: ‘We have all these people that came before us, and we carry that in who we are’

Serena Lu performing rhythmic gymnastics

Future engineering professorship a nod to his education, says Charles Goldstein *71

Rhonnie&Charles Goldstein *71 headshots