Alumni Spotlight

Morgan Jerkins ’14: Giving voice to powerless figures in history

Morgan Jerkins '14

From High Meadows to Higher Ground: Carl Ferenbach III ’64 is Investing in Future Generations

Carl Ferenbach

Lisa Tan ’01 and Martin Rawls-Meehan ’01 donate 30,000 masks to Princeton

Lisa Tan '01 and Martin Rawls-Meehan '01 standing together

Stephen Pevar ’68 leads ACLU effort to protect Georgia prisoners from COVID-19

Stephen Pevar '68

Elissa Adair ’88 Explores Gun Safety and Suicide in the Age of COVID-19

Elissa Adair '88 wearing a headset ready for a virtual call

Driving Mantra for David Azen ’80: Everybody Goes to Bed Well Fed

Fresher Sacramento Volunteer Lucy handing a meal to Charles at his door

Anne Fitzgibbon *98’s Music-Making Program Helps Keep Kids Composed

Harmony students perform with NY Philharmonic musicians

Iming Lin ’03 co-created Food Flow to connect local South African farmers with people in need

Iming Lin '03 holding fresh produce

Kofi Frimpong ’11 Creates Networking List for Underrepresented in Tech and Startups

Kofi Frimpong '11