Photos: Greg Carroccio/Sideline Photography; Brandon Johnson; Tori Repp/Fotobuddy


New Venture Forward video series features Princetonians who are creating new paths

by Advancement Communications
November 1, 2023

In the third year since the public launch of Princeton University’s Venture Forward campaign, a new “Making Audacious Bets” video series focuses on faculty and alumni who blaze their own trails to move us from the present to the possible. With the generous support and volunteer engagement of alumni and friends, Princeton scholars are imagining a better future through their discovery and teaching.

The initial video in the series introduces Mitch Henderson ’98, the Franklin C. Cappon-Edward C. Green ’40 Head Coach of Men’s Basketball; Andrew Houck ’00, co-director of the Princeton Quantum Initiative and professor of electrical and computer engineering; and Autumn Womack, associate professor of African American studies and English. 

A trio of subsequent videos will focus on each individual and examine how they are making audacious bets to create new paths in the fields of athletics, quantum science and literature. 

The Venture Forward campaign has three overall goals: deepening engagement of the alumni community; providing a platform to communicate Princeton’s service to humanity and its vision for the future; and securing philanthropic support for the University’s strategic initiatives.