Annual Giving

Princeton’s Annual Giving campaign raises $73.8 million

by Beth Perrino
July 7, 2023

Princeton University’s 2022-23 Annual Giving campaign raised $73,785,175 — the third highest total in Annual Giving history — with 47.5 percent of undergraduate alumni participating. The results are notable for their strength across all of Princeton’s constituencies: undergraduate alumni, graduate alumni, parents and friends.

“This year's Annual Giving results are outstanding,” said President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83. “Annual Giving is a key priority of the Venture Forward campaign, as these unrestricted funds play a vital role in advancing Princeton’s research and teaching excellence, while also sustaining our commitments to financial aid and graduate fellowships. I am deeply grateful to our many dedicated volunteers and to our alumni, parents, and friends for their loyal and generous support of this University.”

The Class of 1998, with a participation rate of 66.1 percent, raised the largest amount — $9,321,998, its highest total ever, in celebration of its 25th Reunion. The Class of 1963 set a new 60th Reunion record with $3,534,063.

The 50th Reunion Class of 1973 finished with $6,017,173, its highest total ever, with 62.3 percent participation. Seven other major Reunion classes raised more than $1 million: 1993 with $7,869,693; 1983 with $4,119,248; 1988 with $4,066,988; 1968 with $1,974,068; 2003 with $1,790,503; 1958 with $1,645,823; and 1978 with $1,560,167.

Graduate alumni gave more than $2 million for the sixth consecutive year, raising $2,270,264 from 2,342 donors. Princeton parents contributed $1,792,037 to the total.

The Class of 1992 raised the highest total among non-major Reunion classes, with $907,016; eight other non-major Reunion classes recorded totals of $500,000 or more.

This year’s highest percentage of participation belongs to the Class of 1963, which achieved 75.5 percent on the occasion of its 60th Reunion. That was followed by the 55th Reunion Class of 1968, which reached 69.1 percent; the Class of 1972, which reached 66.8 percent; the Class of 1998, which achieved 66.1 percent; the Class of 1966, which reached 64.0 percent; the Class of 1951, which reached 62.9 percent; and the Class of 1973, which reached 62.3 percent. Four other classes recorded participation rates of 60 percent or higher, and 28 other classes recorded participation rates of 50 percent or higher.

The youngest 20 classes averaged 43.5 percent participation. The Class of 2023 achieved participation of 54.6 percent for their senior class campaign, with 733 of its classmates pledging to support Annual Giving for the next four years.

“The extraordinary outcome of this year’s Annual Giving campaign is the direct result of the dedication and commitment of our incredible volunteer team together with the generosity and loyalty of our alumni, parents and friends,” said Annual Giving Chair Christopher E. Olofson ’92. “Every year we achieve our amazing results one gift at a time, and we are indebted to the tens of thousands of Princetonians for helping to make the transformative Princeton experience possible for students now and in the future.”

Unrestricted gifts to Princeton through Annual Giving directly support Princeton’s educational mission, enabling the University to stay at the forefront of teaching and research, and to ensure the affordability of a Princeton education for all admitted students.