Doug Massick, Doug Chin and Bill Charrier pose with their Awards for Service to Princeton

Three alumni honored with Service to Princeton awards

by Advancement Communications
May 26, 2023

The Alumni Council recognized three Princetonians with Service to Princeton prizes during its annual meeting on campus during Reunions on Friday, May 26. Beverly Randez ’94, chair of the Committee on Awards for Service to Princeton, presented the awards to J. William Charrier ’69, Douglas Jin Chin ’83 P21 and Douglas D. Massick ’93 S93 P25.

The Alumni Council Award for Service, which dates back to 1972, recognizes outstanding contributions to Princeton by volunteers in the alumni community, with special emphasis on those who serve significantly but inconspicuously.

J. William Charrier ’69

The leadership skills that Bill Charrier ’69 developed as business manager of the student-run Theatre Intime have served the entire University incredibly well for more than 50 years. “Mr. Theatre Intime,” as Bill is known to generations of Intime members, established the Friends of Intime in 1986 and was the driving force behind Intime’s 100th-anniversary celebration in 2022. A devoted leader for the Class of 1969, which established the student service program that became Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS), Bill has mastered the art of selflessly setting the stage for others to shine.

Douglas Jin Chin ’83 P21

Whether it’s through the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P), the Class of 1983, the Princeton Club of Southern California, the Alumni Schools Committee or Princeton’s first-generation, low-income (Fli) student community — of which he is a proud member — Doug Chin ’83 is constantly thinking about the future of Princeton. Through hundreds of hours of often unheralded work — authoring countless newsletters and emails, maintaining the A4P website and organizing A4P’s signature Lunar New Year event — Doug not only embodies the Princeton spirit of service, but also helps unlock the orange and black in others.

Douglas D. Massick ’93 S93 P25

For the last decade, Doug Massick ’93 has been the lead coordinator for the Central Pool of remote interviewers for the Princeton Schools Committee, connecting thousands of alumni from around the globe with prospective students from regions most in need of assistance. It’s a massive logistical undertaking to track all the moving parts, but Doug has a unique gift for cultivating friendships with fellow alumni that renew every year, and for generating goodwill for the cause by conveying sincere gratitude to the volunteers who donate their time.

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