Alumni cherish their Princeton connection on International Volunteer Day

Four alumni displayed as a quadrant.

If there’s a through line in talking with Princeton alumni about why they volunteer for their alma mater, it can be captured in one word: connection.

Extending beyond classmates, beyond graduation years, beyond regional clubs and national borders, Princeton alumni connect with each other over a shared love of the University.

For many, volunteering is a thank you for the experiences of their years on campus. For others, it is a way to extend those years into their present and future. The motivations differ but the theme of connection shines through, as these alumni reflections, made in celebration of International Volunteer Day, Dec. 5, demonstrate:


Yung Bong Lim




“By giving back, I have the privilege of interacting with an incredible community of alumni and students that spans generations.”

Yung Bong Lim ’87, member of the Annual Giving committee and vice chair for Princeton Internships in Civic Service



Male alumnus with orange Princeton baseball sitting on bench.



“Princeton alumni are passionate and aware of the world at large. They are also a lot of fun!”

Joshua D. Libresco ’76, former president of the Princeton Club of Northern California




Deb Yu



“The Princeton community has been like a family to me since graduation. I volunteer to give back for the opportunities that I have received from my education and experience at Princeton and because it is FUN!”

Deb Yu ’98, Annual Giving class agent



Stephen Elmore



“I want to give back in large part due to my incredible experience and gratitude … I want to do what I can to pay it forward — and believe it creates a culture of giving back and support.”

Stephen S. Elmore ’12, Association of Black Princeton Alumni member




Kate Bellin


“Princeton helps me as much as, or more than, I help Princeton. As the chaplain said at Opening Exercises this year: We must “Seek Truth / Serve Others / Encounter Grace / and be Overwhelmed by Joy.” Volunteering at Princeton hands me all of this benediction wrapped up in an orange-and-black bow.”

Katherine C. Bellin ’02, vice chair for Princeton Internships in Civic Service


Jess Davidoff and son


“I thought it was supposed to be the ‘best four years’ but the wonders of being a Princetonian last a lifetime. My time at Princeton was absolutely magical, but I have to say that being an alum might be even better because you not only have access to four classes of incredible individuals, but 90,000+ alumni.”

Jessica Ashlee Davidoff ’04, former chair of the Communications and Technology Committee for the Alumni Council


Monique Rinere


“I volunteer for Princeton because it opened doors for me that I never knew existed. My Princeton experience transformed my life in so many wonderful ways … It has been fabulous to connect with graduate alumni from many different decades. I’m developing connections and friendships that are rich and sustaining.”

Monique Rinere *00, co-chair of Graduate Alumni Annual Giving


Chris Olofson



“I volunteer at Princeton because I believe so strongly in the University’s mission and because of the great sense of community among alumni.”

Chris Olofson ’92, Annual Giving chair



Suzanne Morrison



“One of my great loves is working with the Alumni Schools Committee. This experience has opened the doors to meeting my fellow alums and connecting with new organizations and opportunities.”

Suzanne M. Morrison ’89, Alumni School Committee member