About The Alumni Council

The Alumni Council of Princeton University is the governing body of the Alumni Association of Princeton University.As described in a Joint Mission Statement of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council and the Trustee Committee on Alumni Affairs in September, 2002, the mission of the Alumni Council is "to engage as many alumni as possible in the ongoing life of the University in mutually beneficial ways and to support alumni initiatives that promote the goals of the University."

Members of the Alumni Council include presidents of each of the alumni classes; the presidents of each of the regional associations or clubs across the world and the president of the Princeton Club of New York; the officers of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni; members of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council; and up to a total of 12 appointed term members. In addition, Life Members of the Council include all former chairs of the Council, Presidents Emeriti of Princeton and former Directors of the Council.

Acting through the Executive Committee and the standing committees and special committees described here, the Alumni Council and its many dedicated volunteers are hard at work serving Princeton alumni across the country and around the world.