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How to Schedule a Class Conference Call

The Alumni Association provides a bridge line that is free of charge and easy to use.

To reserve the conference bridge line:

  • Email with the preferred date and time of your call.
  • We will confirm that it is available and reserve the line for you. You must reserve the line to avoid call conflicts (more than one class trying to use the line at the same time).

To activate the conference bridge line:

  • The call organizer and attendees dial one of the following:
    • Conference Line (local, international, on campus): 609-258-9956
    • Conference Line (long distance, toll free): 855-250-3444
  • Upon confirmation with our office, you will be given a Meeting ID # to enter in order to gain access to the line, followed by the # sign. The new conference line no longer requires two lines to dial in to “open” the line.
  • Your class meeting can also be held at Maclean House, where you can use our conference line to allow call-in participants.

Please call 609-258-5837 or 609-258-5451 to reserve the space and the bridge line.

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