The Tiger mascot great an alumni, who is holding his dog, during Reunions

Reunions was… picture-perfect!

Thank you, Tigers, for coming back for Reunions 2023 and showing your orange-and-black love at the Best Old Place of All!

Gorgeous weather, elaborate headquarter sites and inventive themes and costumes all made this year’s Reunions picture-perfect, but the best part was YOU, our 25,000 alumni, friends and family who came back to celebrate!

Robin Resch *03 staring directly at the camera with her hand on her cheek
Alumni Spotlight

Robin Resch *03 wove Reunions jacket designs together to create a ‘vibrant, collective tapestry’

When artist Robin Resch *03 was invited to contribute the cover for this year’s Reunions program, she immediately thought back to her first P-rade. “I have a strong memory of those jackets,” she said. “I wanted to convey the energy, creativity and diversity of the Princeton community that is expressed during Reunions, in part through the powerful imagery of the stripe.” 

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The Venture Forward Campaign

Through engagement and giving, the Princeton community reinforces its commitment to truth-seeking, talent and inclusivity, while it co-creates a better future in the service of humanity.

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A close-up of the cover of Maria Tessa's book

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Maria Ressa
‘How to Stand Up to a Dictator’ by Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa ’86 is the Class of 2027 Pre-read

Students entering the University this fall as the Class of 2027 will explore the tenuous threads that keep democracy woven together as they consider Maria Ressa’s book, “How to Stand Up to a Dictator: The Fight for Our Future,” this year’s Princeton Pre-read selection. Maria Ressa ’86, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for her efforts to safeguard freedom of expression in the Philippines.

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